Experience, Share, Protect


Desert Survivors is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization committed to experiencing, sharing and protecting desert wilderness. Most of the 700+/- members come from the San Francisco Bay area, the Los Angles area, and rest of California. There are some from other states and a few from other countries.

A large segment of the members actively communicate about and campaign for desert preservation issues. Activities include free backpacking trips, car camps, coursed in backpacking and desert travel skills, and social events.

Some trips have a specific focus like wilderness travel skills, wilderness monitoring, native plants, native archaeology, hot springs, and peak bagging.

We lead trips into desert areas of California, Nevada and Utah. Many backpacking trips are designed to fit into a long weekend schedule. The level of difficulty for these trips vary from beginner to strenuous.

Members receive a journal, The Survivor, that has trip reports, articles and campaign news. A monthly NewsFlash has timely information about trips and conservation issues. Trip schedules are published on the web site, by mail and by email.

 This organization recognizes that the deserts will not remain wild unless many are given the opportunity to experience them and unless vigilance is maintained to monitor and preserve them.