April 15, 2012 Mopah Spring

We saw many hedgehog cactus, one with big fuchsia colored blossoms. There were stands of ocotillo in bloom. Some of the unopened flowers looked like rows of overextended lipsticks on display. We saw golf ball size fishhook cactus with red fruit, many California barrel and a few Mojave pineapple cactus.
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April 13-14, 2012  Whipple Two Caves

The floor of the Palm Tree Cave is very steep in the front half of the cave. In back there are two moderately steep terraces. In the front and center of each of these there are four foot diameter rock formations that appear to have been made by dripping mineral-laden water, similar to stalagmites in limestone caves.
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Palm Tree Cave

March 18-20, 2012  Granite Mountain Buck Nelson

Even though showers and cold had been predicted for the day, I said to Buck, "The storm will bypass us." Cold winds and thick clouds then rolled in.  A few light snowflakes turned to graupel, a cold night, morning hoarfrost and ice in the water bottle. I decided to quit predicting weather in the Mojave.